Michigan deserves a public education system that:

  • Bring back teacher pensions and protect teacher’s rights to organize
  • Increase public school funding and reduce class sizes
  • Start on the path towards tuition-free community college
  • Reduces classroom sizes, giving students the individual attention they need and teachers the opportunity to invest in our children. You deserve a law which limits the size of classrooms, forcing Lansing politicians to make the investment in public education our children deserve.
  • Eliminates high-stakes testing requirements to serve students outside the mold. We MUST let teachers get back to teaching, evaluating them not on their ability to master a standardized test, but on the ways in which they prepare young people for the future, academically and emotionally. Students deserve a comprehensive public education that heavy standardized testing does not allow; Lansing has to make smart investments, which means listening to parents, teachers, and students when it comes to high-stakes testing.
  • Protects teachers’ right to organize and values their training and investment in our children. Teachers deserve a salary that demonstrates their contribution to our communities, and the best way to guarantee a living wage is a union contract. We deserve politicians who are willing to stand with teachers against the DeVos agenda.

Michigan deserves a healthcare system that:

  • Bring Universal Healthcare to Michigan; including prescription drugs, mental health coverage, and dental. Eliminate premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.
  • Protects seniors through investment in public long-term and home services, ensuring the needs of the aging are met through quality physical and mental healthcare. Your family deserves quality care at a fair cost, and we need to make a greater investment in healthcare to assure that all Michiganders are able to live comfortably and healthy.
  • Keeps prescription drug prices under control. Michigan deserves a consumer protection board dedicated to the oversight of the predatory prescription drug industry, and to holding special interests accountable when they take advantage of the sick and aging.
  • Serves low-income communities through an investment in mental health services, public healthcare, and the lowering of out-of-pocket costs. It is time to measure Lansing’s contribution to our communities by how they treat the poor and sick. Low-income Michiganders deserve better.
Labor & Workers’s Rights
  • End this so-called “Right To Work” and restore our collective bargaining rights
  • Support emerging unions
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Repeal so-called “Right-to-Work” legislation and protect Michigan’s unions. This poison legislation has kept job growth down, wages low, and caused huge parts of the emerging labor force to leave the state. We need to put Michigan back to work by ending this failed six-year experiment. Michigan invented the middle class, and we need to protect it.
  • Raise the wage and improve working conditions for all of us. In 2018, Michigan workers, from pipefitters to fast food employees, are working longer hours and making less; this has to change. Working families deserve a voice in state government that wants to make our workplaces fairer and safer; it’s time to stand up to Lansing special interests and fight back.

Michigan deserves a clean and protected environment. We must:

  • Ban fracking and protect our Great Lakes and drinking water
  • Create state-wide incentives for wind and solar powered farms
  • Make Michigan renewable by supporting safe nuclear technologies and jobs
  • Protect the Great Lakes and preserve them for future generations. The Great Lakes are a staple of our community, bringing tourism revenue and spurning small business growth. We must care for our environment and protect our lakes from dangerous, unreliable, and reckless fracking.
  • Ensure all Michiganders have access to clean drinking water. Our natural resources deserve the full protections of the state legislature, holding special interests and large corporations accountable when they, sometime irreparably, pillage and destroy Michigan’s water supply.

Michigan deserves an energy sector which:

  • Invests in solar and wind, the energy of the future. Investment in clean energy saves money, reduces our carbon footprint, and creates good- paying, long- lasting jobs. Solar and wind energy have wide, bipartisanbi-partisan support; it’s time to make Michigan the clean energy capital of the Midwest.
  • Invests in Michigan farms, helping our agriculture sector thrive withunder clean energy alternatives. Farms across America are making the switch to solar, and Michigan farmers deserve an ally in state government to help them bring down their production costs and raise their yield.
  • Believes in the future of a clean, safe nuclear energy sector, creating good jobs while reducing our carbon footprint.
Criminal Justice

Michigan deserves a criminal justice system that:

  • Expands restorative justice and diversion programs to reduce incarceration and protect communities of color. Our state’s unfair and unjust criminal justice system has raised costs and failed to reduce violent crime, enacting harm on our most vulnerable communities. Michigan deserves fairness and oversight, not over-incarceration.
  • Serves our young people through an effort to reduce young-adult incarceration and recidivism. We must work with District Attorneys and advocate the expansion of young-adult court to address the unique needs of this often-undeserved community.
  • Is properly equipped to address the opioid crisis through increased funding in addiction services and drug rehabilitation. We need to address this public health crisis at its source.