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Joey believes that our education system must focus on building effective people, not just effective workers. therefore he proposes:

  • Bringing back teacher pensions to help support those who shape Michigan's future.

  • Increasing school funding so that our students have the resources to succeed

  • Creating Regulations for charter schools that require that they follow the same standards as state-run public schools


  • Free community college for all Michigan residents,  giving them the foundation for higher education. 


As a small business owner himself, Joey understands that small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and the key to revitalizing Michigan's economy. Therefor Joey advocates for

  • the creation of programs to support small business in “renaissance zones” and failed urban centers

  • Tax credits for small businesses based on number of employees and employee wages

  • a Michigan tax system that favors small, local, and individually owned businesses and is written with them in mind, not as an afterthought


Joey is a major proponent of clean and renewable energy sources. As the owner of a solar energy company, Joey recognizes that clean energy is the future of Michigan jobs and power.  With the following methods in place, he hopes to make Michigan the renewable energy capital of the Midwest.

  • Incentives to farmers for solar + wind

  • Incentives to factories to reduce their carbon footprint and integrate renewable energy

  • County-based tax program to encourage solar development on residential and small business locally.

  • Begin a program to shift Michigan power to renewable sources backed by new, safe nuclear technology and jobs.

Our Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are the largest fresh water body in the world and as citizens of Michigan we have a unique responsibility to protect them for future generations. Joey stands against drilling or fracking in our lakes. He is also against running dangerous pipelines through them. 

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